Corners of My Studio :: 3

Stitching Hands Studio Jan 2012 (5)

Some of the other treasures in my studio.  A stretching cat I got at a shop in McMinnville last Christmas.  A Stellar's Jay I got from Fog and Swell on Etsy.  I also got Chloe a minke whale from Fog and Swell that she said was one of the coolest birthday presents ever.

Stitching Hands Studio Jan 2012 (6)

Stitching Hands Studio Jan 2012 (9)

And here are some older treasures- a couple of dolls from my friend Marion, a quetzal puzzle from Costa Rica, a vintage needle case from my mother's family, a kiwi puzzle from New Zealand and my telamadera piece.  All of these provide inspiration daily, whether in color or form or just an idea of whimsy.  They all make me happy!