A Green AAQI for March

Abstract Tree AAQI March 2013 (2)

I sent in my March AAQI, Abstract Tree, and didn't even realize that it's perfect for St. Patrick's Day until just this very minute!  This is another one from the leftovers from making Little Tree in the Big Snowy Woods.  I am pleased to report that this morning I discovered that two of my other AAQI quilts have sold:  Black and White and Spooky All Over and Little Tree.  My total is over $1500 now!

Abstract Tree AAQI March 2013 (5)

The reason I made these little quilts was to test out some machine quilting ideas.  I struggle a lot with this and have found that samples take away some of the anxiety and let me just doodle around without having to worry about it.  On this one I tried lots of different motifs in the different sections.

Abstract Tree AAQI March 2013 (6)

Abstract Tree AAQI March 2013 (8)
The back is fun to see.  This one should be up for sale in a week or so.  Every time one of my AAQI quilts sells I wonder who the buyer is.  I hope that if any of my blog readers have bought one they would tell me.  If it's you, please let me know by comment or email.  It would be lovely to hear from you!

PS:  I have gotten most of my ducks in order- house cleaned, mundane tasks of the week taken care of and projects with deadlines approaching are nearly done.  One thing I haven't done is gone through the retreat photos. I will do that and report back soon!