Spooky Town (aka Halloween in July!)

Spooky Town (1)

I have been on a mission for the last several weeks to finish a whole lot of half finished projects that have filled the drawers so much I couldn't fit anything else in!  It's been interesting.  It feels a bit like an excavation and I am unearthing many things I forgot I had.  This piece was finished just to use up some of the massive bin of Halloween prints I've collected.  I had the one house on the left that was made in a class demo.  I decided to add two more and some words.  Spooky Town just came to me for no apparent reason, but I like it!  

Spooky Town (2)

I used up some leftover large triangles that were saved from another Halloween top that is now at the quilter's.  I used some in the sky over the houses and the rest were sewn together and cut up for the border of the Spooky Town block.  Determined to use up even the smallest pieces, I made a string border.

Spooky Town (3)But that wasn't all!  I still had way too many scraps, so I made scrappy blocks and cut them with my 9.5 inch ruler to make the back.  This quilt is pretty heavy and with the pieced backing it was also a bit tricky to quilt.  I knew this would be a class sample and I can't afford to get everything professionally quilted, so I soldiered on and did a swirl pattern myself.  In the next few days I'll be posting more of what I've been doing the last couple of weeks.  I count at least 6 finishes, plus some other bindings.  I still have more WIP's, but it feels like progress has been made. I am finding it hard to concentrate on new work at the moment, so I want to wipe the slate clean over the summer and get back to business in the fall.

Spooky Town (4)The best part about this quilt, was that after I finished hand sewing the binding, I took it back to my dark studio and discovered these eyes looking at me!  I had to laugh because I had no idea the fabric was glow in the dark.  Very cool, although I wish I'd used the eyes in the windows of the houses.Spooky Town (6)