Parade Weather **

If you don't follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Flickr or Tumblr, or happen to get the local paper, then you haven't seen this photo yet!  I get a kick out of our daily duck parade everytime I see  it.  They go by the house multiple times a day, from the pond to the left of the photo, past our house and up the street to rest in the lawns of houses on the other street.  Why they do it is a big mystery to me.  They hardly ever stop in our yard to rest.  

Anyway, I admit to taking way too many duck photos since we moved in here.  I just think they are adorable.  It wasn't until I took this one that I knew I had a winner.  I posted it to Facebook and all the other sites above and after a while thought, what the heck, I'll send it to the Bulletin because they are accepting reader photos.  The Pacific Northwest has had an incredible weather week.  Heavy snow Tuesday into Wednesday morning when I took this photo.  None too soon as it turned to rain right after and became a squishy, sloppy, dirty mess.  So, I got an email from the chief copy editor on Wednesday night asking if I had taken the photo that day.  I said yes of course.  

The next day my photo was at the top of the article with three other snowy day photos.  Totally cool!  Well, my duck shooting (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) days are not over by a long shot.  Here's one the day after.  This is the "pond" that used to be the street in front of our house.


And here's a Hipstamatic shot I took this morning looking the other way, toward the river.  They come up from the river to the right of that house .  They are only heading back toward the river because I came out and disturbed them by taking a photo.  I'm sure when I left they went about their duck parade business.


Here's another one from December.  Well, I've said before how much I love a parade.  They are one of life's little pleasures and I'm just thrilled that we get to experience several per day here.

**Parade Weather is the title the Bulletin gave to my photo.  I think, really, that for a duck, any weather is parade weather!