Chloe out and about in the world

Chloe had several opportunities to be off on her own in the last month and she relished them!  She is such an amazing, competent teenager.  Now that Ryan is a teenager, I'm again hearing those things that people say (such as strangers at the bank).  "Oh, two teenagers- how's that going (sarcastic tone!)?"  I always say it's going marvelous.  I wish they could take a peek here and see how wonderful it is.  Teenagers are so full of life and energy.  Chloe came back from Not Back to School Camp talking nonstop.  She had a most amazing experience and is already planning for next year.

Chloe was thrilled to meet Tilke Elkins who is the amazing person behind All Round Magazine.  Though the magazine is no longer available as a subscription, back issues are available for purchase.  Tilke was one of the councilors at NBTSC.  She is now creating books based on her characters from All Round.  It was really wonderful for her to meet someone who is making her way in life with her art and words, just as Chloe would like to do.

Of course, she also got to meet Grace Lewellyn, the organizer of NBTSC and an author as well.  She got to know old friends a bit better and meet new ones. 

A few days after returning home from NBTSC Chloe flew on her own to California to see our good friends in San Jose and to attend a Bat Mitzvah.  She negotiated the airport like a pro and had a great time seeing old friends.  Chloe and Julia had a great time reconnecting.  We met Julia and her mom when the girls were only 2 months old.  They are born only about 6 hours apart.  We've stayed in touch with Julia's family through our moves and all the ups and downs in these girls' 14 years.  I'm so glad Chloe could stay with them for this trip. 

Chloe also had a marvelous time at her friend, Megan's, Bat MItzvah.  Megan was our next door neighbor in CA and they had always planned that Chloe would attend.  It was lucky we could arrange this solo trip, or she wouldn't have been able to attend.

Lastly, Chloe was invited by our local friends to attend the Oregon Unschoolers Chautaqua on the Oregon Coast a couple of weeks ago.  It was such a treat for her to go with several families we know from our local unschooling group.

Chloe has spread her wings in the last month or so and I can see the young adult she is becoming starting to emerge.  It's a sight to behold!