Holidays Already??

Today I went out and bought craft supplies for a bunch of different projects I'd like to complete in the next few months.  Another thing I really wanted to try was the knitted wire votives in Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick.  I saw Grumperina's post about making them and was just taken with their beauty.  I decided to go with 26 gauge wire instead of the 24 called for because Grumperina said the 24 was hard on her whole body (scroll down to see the photos!).  As it turned out, the 26 gauge wire was no problem as far as hand pain.  I was worried about that because I've had significant pain in the past with certain cotton yarn. 

I finished the votive in the span of a two hour movie and it's so pretty!  Chloe thinks I should make these for everyone.  She also thinks this technique would also make some really pretty napkin rings.  I bought a bunch of different colored beads, so I guess I could.  I do need to get more wire.   This is the Artistic Wire called for in the pattern, 26 gauge, color gold (because they didn't have gunmetal).