BIQR Day 3: Working Away

BIQR 2013 (100)

By the second actual sewing day I had created the center of my solids piece and started on a string border.  

BIQR 2013 (102)

There is always time to chat in groups.  Gwen talked about some of the quilts in her first Liberated Quiltmaking book.

BIQR 2013 (103)

BIQR 2013 (104)

Here's where mine was going at this time.  The center is all free pieced from the scraps just about as they were.  The border is made of up strings and arranged into a sort of chevron pattern.

BIQR 2013 (105)

BIQR 2013 (106)

In between the chatting you'll find everyone sewing quietly away.

BIQR 2013 (107)

BIQR 2013 (108)

BIQR 2013 (109)

This is where my piece was by the end of this sewing day.  Jan, Marion and I cut out early to take in the sights of Charlevoix, a pretty little town right on Lake Michigan.  More on that in the next post.