SOQS 2014 :: What Would We do Without Firefighters?

Sisters Show 2014  (7)

Without firefighters we wouldn't have this gorgeous display!  In all seriousness, as we are thick in the middle of fire season here in the west, we are all very grateful for these brave people who put their lives on the line for us.  But they also do other work for the community that warms our hearts.  We love our firefighters!

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If you are lucky enough to get to town before 8 am, you will get to see these quilts being hung.  It always looks fabulous.  These quilts are for the Stitchin' Post Employee Challenge and let me tell you they are some pretty talented quilters there!  The theme for these quilts was, "It takes a village", which is certainly true.Sisters Show 2014  (10)

Sisters Show 2014  (11)

Sisters Show 2014  (12) Sisters Show 2014  (13)Show day was super hot.  We are in one of the longest running heat waves I've ever seen since moving here and there's no end in sight.  Yesterday we had a huge electrical storm go through the area.  Some spots had a short burst of heavy rain and some nickel sized hail.  It was crazy, but now hot spots are flaring all over eastern and central Oregon.  I'm sure these firefighters are awfully busy this week.  I'm grateful they had some free time on Saturday to help the quilters put on a fabulous show.Sisters Show 2014  (14)

I had a few hours in the morning for running all over town to take photos and then worked two back to back volunteer shifts.  I missed quite a bit of the outlying areas, but still I've got about 150 show day photos so I think I'll parcel them out a bit every day for the next week.  Stay tuned for more!

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