BIQR Day 1: Sightseeing

BIQR 2013 (3)

So sorry for the long delay in posting!  I guess life would be boring if I wasn't so busy.  Anyway, I just whittled my photos from the Beaver Island Quilt Retreat down to 500! No, I won't be showing them all, but I do plan to make several posts because there is a lot to show.  We arrived late on Monday night into the Traverse City Airport and went to a local hotel.  After a good night's sleep, we had the day to sightsee and shop hop.  That was so much fun.  The weather couldn't have been better.  The following was seen outside the first quilt shop we stopped at.  We took some!

BIQR 2013 (381)

BIQR 2013 (6)

This part of Michigan has water everywhere!  This is Torch Lake, one of the many lakes in the area.  Everything was blue.  So beautiful!

BIQR 2013 (8)

We couldn't drive more than a few miles without encountering a farm stand, but actually didn't stop at one until a few days later.  We did stop for lunch in the sweet little town of Arden.  Did some shopping too.  My travel companions, Jan and Marion, are with me in the next photo.

BIQR 2013 (384)

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We arrived at the White Birch Lodge in the late afternoon on Tuesday.  Our accomodation, this very nice condo, was right on the lake.  See the sand?

BIQR 2013 (20)

Our view of Elk Lake.

BIQR 2013 (18)

We settled in and then headed over to the retreat space, just a short walk away and down this long porch.  

BIQR 2013 (389)
More on the retreat next time, but just imagine this lovely porch on Elk Lake.  Oh I wish I was there right now!  This view makes me think of Hawaii.

BIQR 2013 (395)
In the meantime, if you happen to be local or make trips to Bend frequently, I am teaching at QuiltWorks in Bend this fall.  Liberated Basics starts this Friday and will be the 3rd Fridays in October and November too.  More info here.