Portland pleases us

We had a nice, busy trip to Portland the past couple of days.  We managed to get in a bunch of shopping, a trip to OMSI and Chloe's doctor's appointments.  I loved the incongruous pairing of comestibles on the side of the building above. 

We had our first trip to an IKEA store on this trip and found it a refreshing look at color and pattern.  I had no idea they sell fabric by the yard!  I didn't get any of that, but I did by a three pack of dishtowels just because they are so pretty.  I may just use them for sewing rather than in the kitchen.  I also had my first trip to Anthropologie!  Wow, so pretty.  I love their stationery and other gift items.  I'd love to take photos there for inspiration, but didn't do it.  Perhaps another time.

We took a little walk around the city this morning with a bit of drizzle in the air. 

I had never noticed this statue in Pioneer Courthouse Square.  We stopped to see what he was pointing to and decided it is the Christmas tree, just delivered.  I'll bet it's really pretty here at Christmas time.  Unfortunately, we don't have Portland plans this Christmas.  We have made it there the past 2 for Chloe's doctor's appointments in December, but we got there early this year.

These chocolates greeted us as we came in the hotel before dinner yesterday.  What a treat!  I had lots of knitting time on this trip because Mark was driving.  Tomorrow photos of that!