Hope for June

AAQI HOPE June 2011

This is my June quilt for AAQI.  It will be sent in next week.  My May quilts are posted with pictures now: Through the Window I, II, III, IV.  Zoom is still for sale, but Ginger's Garden is Sale Pending- woohoo!  Check out my $1000 Promise page to keep up with me and my quilts.  

Biggest news though is that the June auction is on-going.  Please head over and bid on one of these fabulous quilts!  Also, the Quilts for Sale page is busting with gorgeous little quilts.  All proceeds are going for Alzheimer's research.  AAQI is attempting to have this month be the biggest month for sales of quilts.  Please make that happen.  If you buy one now, or have ever bought or donated a quilt to AAQI, please tell me about it in the comments!  In this post I showed a couple of the lovelies I scored from AAQI earlier this year.

In other news, it's my talented sister's birthday today!  Happy Birthday Cheryl!  You should see her latest glass art.  Cheryl's hares, birds and other animals shine with personality and these necklaces are a fantastic addition to her Etsy offerings.  

Now I'm off to take in the warm weather that finally rolled into Central Oregon, just in time for the Heaven Can Wait walk tomorrow.  I'll be walking with my Undercover Quilter friends!  I'll be back here soon with lots of stuff I've been working on lately.