It Pays to Check the Spam Box!

Shields.Kristin-GoldenGeese-DETAILGolden Geese detail

Excellent news this morning as I just happened to actually look through each email in the spam box.  I don't normally look so thoroughly, so who knows what I've been missing?  Anyway, I am thrilled to say that my two entries for the Modern Metallic challenge at Quilt!Knit!Stitch! have been accepted!

Shields.Kristin-PlainFancy-DETAILPlain and Fancy detail

I had been on the fence about attending the show.  Now, it's definitely on the agenda.  Well, now I'm so excited I can hardly remember what I came to post about, so I'll leave that for next time!  

PS:  I do remember one thing. I spent quite a bit of time tweaking and updating the blog yesterday.  Please check out my revamped Workshops page if you are interested in having me teach for your group!