Year of Applique Update


I don't think I've mentioned this project yet, but it's been going on for at least 6 months.  A small group was formed from members of my quilt guild; there are 12 of us in all.  We call ourselves The Undercover Quilters and it's a book/quilt group.  We decided that our first book choice would be interpreted in quilts and then we'd read and discuss other books in the months it would take to finish the quilts.  As it turns out, we've decided to go slowly on the quilts, taking nearly a year to finish them.  However, we've also read lots of other interesting titles in the meantime.  You can see a sampling of our book club selections in the left hand sidebar.  

Anyway, each of us has interpreted the first book, The Good Good Pig by Sy Montgomery, in different ways.  It's been so interesting to see them evolve at our monthly meetings.  The book is a true story about a piglet who was saved from ending up on a dinner plate.  He, Christopher Hogwood, had many adventures in his long life, but I chose to focus my quilt on the hens that also lived on the farm.  They were called "The Ladies" and that always made me think of them as very proper.  I chose to make my ladies with fancy feathers, hats and purses.  They'll eventually have pearl necklaces too!  The latest stage has been to add the flowers in the foreground.  When I'm done with the applique I'm going to machine quilt it.  It's due to be done for our guild's annual show in August, so I've got to get to work!  We'll pick a new book to interpret in cloth in September with the intention of finishing them next summer.