Cape Cod breezes- Part 2

On our way back from the Heritage Museum Chloe really wanted to stop at a glass blowing studio we had heard about.  It was hotter than hot inside the studio, but we stayed almost an hour and a half because the young people who were giving the demonstrations were so open to talking about each step they did.  We watched them make a goblet, then a vase which ended in disaster, but it's all a learning process.  It was very interesting to watch!

In between the goblet and the vase, everyone took a break.

When he was trying to cut the opening for the vase, it started to crumple and he wasn't able to get it back in shape.  It was still amazing to watch the process. 

We headed back to the beach the next day.  This time we chose one where there were lots of critters to catch and observe for a bit before putting them gently back.  Both the kids had a great time with their nets.  They caught regular crabs, hermit crabs, fish and little shrimp-like creatures.

Ryan was hesitant to hold the hermit crabs at first, but once he got over that he couldn't put them down.  We spent at least a half an hour playing with the hermit crabs and talking about their biology.

One morning the kids wrote and illustrated some stories. 

Chloe, Ryan and Scrabble with Grammy and Grampa.

One of our favorite stops is always the Nobska lighthouse.  It's on a very picturesque stretch of the coast between Falmouth and Wood's Hole.  We went at sunset when the light was just right for photos.

Chloe has become quite a shutterbug.  She's the reason we came home with over 700 photos!

This is the view from the lighthouse.  Incredible isn't it?