Christmas Day Wrap Up

Christmas morning was a wonderful and relaxing time.  I made overnight cinnamon rolls the day before, so I just had to pop them in the oven and breakfast was ready in 30 minutes.  They were fantastic too.  I found the recipe online here.

The kids got many little gifts of books and small toys, but they each got one larger item.  For Ryan it was the Playmobil train which he'd been asking for for some time.  For Chloe it was a portable easel which was a complete (but welcome) surprise for her.  She has taken up acrylic painting and has had a wonderful time painting over the past week.

My main present was a new iPod and I'm so thrilled with it.  I've been downloading all the knitting podcasts I can find, as well as public radio broadcasts.  I'm a big fan of the spoken word, so although I'll be adding our cd's as well, I'll most likely be listening to podcasts and audio books.