Woot, woot!


Today's the day!  Congratulations to Tonya on a job well done.  Let's hope many generations of quilters enjoy the freedom of working in a liberated style.  May there be many word quilts in your future!  I've ordered my copy of Word Play Quilts from QuiltWorks, my local quilt shop.  I won't get it for a bit, but I can't wait to see it in person.


In the meantime, here's a quilt top that hasn't seen the light of day in a very long time!  I got the borders put on sometime in the last year.  I had figured this is the year to get it done, so I will baste and start machine quilting it this week.  I am hoping it will be done by next Monday so I can bring it to my quilt guild's Christmas party for show and tell. 


This one has a story too.  Ryan drew this picture for one of those melamine plates in 2006.  I believe it was the following year that I decided it would be fun to make into a quilt design.  The words just came to me as perfect for him and I made them right away.   Then I transferred his plate design to fabric and embroidery.  The Christmas tree is from another drawing he did.  The middle part sat around for a long time before I decided to do the stars and shoo fly blocks.  Now, that I am getting another good look at it, I'm all fired up and can't wait to get it done.  


In other news, have you seen that Jude is giving us all a little Christmas gift by posting videos and pdf's for a little holiday cloth she is starting?  She will be offering this for free, but I think this will be just as valuable as the online classes I took with her, so I urge you to join in on the fun.  Check it out here under her category, a little holiday cloth