Q is for...

I bet you thought it would be Quilt, but it's not.

Q is for Quest.  We've done a lot of quests lately in the form of geocaches and letterboxing.  Today was the latest and we got some nice photos of Old Town Albuquerque, so you will get to see travel photos after all.

First off, we went looking for The Lady of the Tree, a little known secret in Old Town.  We found it very quickly.

Then we went looking for a geocache called Old Town Ghost Tour.  This is a multi-step cache with 11 stops.  Along the way we found some really cool areas of Old Town we hadn't seen before. 

This old mansion is said to be haunted by at least four ghosts. 

The Servant's Quarters:  They say the spirit of a young boy lingers there and he moves things around and night and helps himself to the candy bowl.

At least four ghosts are said to haunt this building as well.  It's also the porch with the open air jewelry market.

Chloe and I bought beautiful silver and turquoise earrings from this artisan.

Here's where the cache is located, though we couldn't find it.  It's always disappointing to not find a cache!  Chloe and I looked around for a long time, so I'm not sure if it's still there, though it was found only a few days ago.

This chapel has a couple of surprises inside.

The cache is supposed to be near the circular window, but we didn't find it.  Now we have to plan on coming back to Albuquerque some time, just to finish this!  We had a wonderful time in Old Town over the past week.  It's definitely worth a visit if you ever come to Albuquerque.