Beautiful New England

We had a wonderful trip to Massachusetts, marred only by the return trip which was no picnic.  More on that later.  First, these fun photos of time with family. 

We had a wonderful visit with my best childhood friend.  She has two boys about the same age as Ryan.

Thanksgiving was a marvelous feast with Mark's relatives.  Alas, I didn't get any good photos that day.

These were taken on the 26th, my birthday.  We had a pizza party with all the cousins.

We spent several days heading over to Concord to see the history and do a few geocaches.  It was so much fun and the weather was perfect.  Here we are searching for a geocache in the Enchanted Forest.

On the Concord/Lexington Battle Road.  We haven't done this walk in so many years I can't remember.  It was nice to get out and see these sights.  This first site marks the place where Paul Revere was captured.

I love the simplicity of this old house on the Battle Road.  This is the Captain William Smith House.

Father and son on the Battle Road.

Chloe and Scrabble pause at the Hartwell Tavern.


We drove up to the Old North Bridge where Ryan checked out this tree that may well have been there during the war.


This is the place where the "shot heard round the world" was made.

On the bridge with the Old Manse in the background.  See how we had the whole place to ourselves.  Oh, the joys of unschooling!

Chloe found this geocache that's right down the street from the bridge.

We loved the Christmas decorations on the Colonial Inn in Concord center so much we took our Christmas card photo there.


One night we went to the Stone Zoo to see the Zoolights display.  The kids loved it even though it's quite small.

We headed home last Wednesday only to have all that snow and ice in Seattle.  Our flight from Boston to Seattle went off without a hitch, but our flight to Bend was cancelled.  Many other flights out were cancelled too, so nary a hotel room could be found.  Mark had gone to New Jersey on business, so it was only me and the kids and the pup.  We stayed overnight in the airport with very little sleep (none for me), but were able to make it out on the first flight of the day.  The sunrise was almost enough to make it worthwhile.

We've been gearing up for Christmas here.  The decorations are out and we just cut our tree today.  Things are so busy that I'm way behind on holiday craft making, but I'll be posting some photos soon of some beautiful atc's and other projects we are deep in the midst of.