AAQI for September

High Desert Sun for Sept AAQI (1)

It looks like I'll be going back and forward in time as these posts go along.  There's a lot going on here right now!  This piece came together very quickly when I decided to make a mini quilt for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative for September.  My monthly streak was kept alive when I bought a quilt in August, but now my studio is coming along and I can get back to sewing amid the seemingly never ending boxes that need to be unpacked.

The background was cut from a bit of machine pieced fabric leftover, the sun was started as a sample in the Sun Moon Stars class with Jude.  I did some Kantha stitching and embroidery to spice it up and finished it with a facing.  I got this idea from a sample that Tonye had at the retreat last weekend.  It's easy and looks really good.

High Desert Sun for Sept AAQI (2)
The space on the right is ready for the AAQI number that I should get soon.  Then it will be in the mail and on its way!  I still have three other AAQI quilts that haven't sold, but they are now being held for Houston.  If you have a chance to see them please let me know!