Happy October!

October at Home (12)

It's been a glorious month here in Oregon!  Well, except for yesterday when we had pretty horrid weather.  It's been several continuous weeks of warm, sunny days and cool nights.  Just perfect for making great fall color.  

October in the Neighborhood (9)

I've been able to get out and enjoy the weather despite a full week workshop with Rosalie Dace (magnificent, by the way), a terrible cold with asthma that lasted about a month, and a project deadline.  

October at Home (3)

The asthma is under control now and the project on deadline is nearly done.  I'm working on a facing as I put this post together.  Things are finally falling into place.

October in the Neighborhood (13)

Meanwhile, Halloween is approaching!  I do love Halloween even though I no longer have kids to go trick-or-treating with.  I like to answer the door and see all the fresh faces coming by.

Halloween decorations (3)

And I still love to decorate.  Oh, and the candy.  Everyone likes that!

Halloween decorations (5)

Halloween decorations (8)

Enjoy some spooky fun.  Happy Halloween to you, where ever you are!

Halloween decorations (1)

Witchy Kristin