Well, it's happened again.  Another perfectly good day, sucked into the void with rather mundane activities.  I have just enough time for a very small post.  Luckily I have a nice photo to go with it.  I'm part of the Imagination Tribe, a yahoo group of unschoolers and like minded people who want to encourage creative activity in its members.  We have all kinds of trades.  Some that I've taken part in lately are several themed Artist Trading Card (ATC) trades and a Winter Solstice light trade which I mentioned earlier. 

Anyway, last week I mailed these little ATC's off to the Anything BUT Paper trade.  I will get back 3 from other people in the next few weeks.  I'll try to remember to show them to you here.  These are embroidered with DMC thread on 100% felt.  Then I fused some mid-weight interfacing to the back of some fabric to add a little more stability and sewed that to the back of the felt.  I wrote my name on the fabric with a fabric pen. 

I'm rather pleased with them!  I designed these myself, but got the inspiration from one of my favorite craft books- Felt Wee Folk by Salley Mavor.  It's a beautiful, beautiful book- check it out!