Sunriver Quilt Show

On the first Saturday in August, Sunriver Village came alive with quilts in a show put on by the Mt. Meadow Quilters.  I am a new member this year, so I was able to enter quilts.  It was such a beautiful day in Sunriver.  If you don't know the area, Sunriver is just south of Bend, but at a higher elevation.  It's mostly a resort community and the setting couldn't be lovelier.  Lots of tourists come to this show due to the fabulous location.  I was able to sell two quilts at the show and a third to a friend afterwards.  

My Lone Star quilt got another showing and it's still for sale if you're interested.  Check out my Etsy shop link!

Girlfriends was bought by a friend, so I'm glad it's staying somewhere that I can go visit when I want!

Love that Christmas one in the middle!

My sister, Cheryl, is also a new member of the MMQ and these are two of her quilts that she put in the show.  She is not only a fantastic glass artist.  Her quilts are beautiful and she hand quilts all of them!  Don't you love the cat quilt?  Each one represents one of her many cats over the years.

I was really taken with that Courthouse Steps in the middle.  It's hand quilted too!

Here are two of mine that are still for sale- Take 5 on the left and Haleakala Sunrise on the right.

My Joe Cunningham class quilt, Rock the Block, and Cheryl's tree quilt got displayed side by side.

There were so many beautiful quilts!  

Another Joe Cunningham class quilt.

Lovely colors.

My quilt, Crossroads of Sedona, on the top left sold after the show.  Glad to see it go to a friend!

The liberated house quilt, Home for the Holidays, is still available.

I went back the village a week after the show and it was a little sad to see it without the quilts.  This coming Saturday, if you happen to be in Bend, you can come to Pioneer Park to see the Mt Bachelor Quilters Guild Quilt Show in the Park.  It's the last one of the season here and will be a great way to round out the summer.  Hope to see you there!