Fun vs. Frustration

Well, today has had a bit of both.  I started off with the final session of my first knitting class as the teacher.  It was a lot of fun talking to the students. They are funny and friendly women and a joy to have in my class.  They have all finished a felted Moebius basket and some have started something new.  Meanwhile, I have worked some more on the moebius trio.  I will be teaching the class again in a few weeks so I am making more samples.

The frustration came from the Piney Woods quilt which I had most of the blocks finished for when I noticed a mistake that will require quite a bit of ripping.  I scewed up the double 4 patch blocks and need to re-do them.  In addition I had the whole thing laid out on the floor for a photo when I realized I had to get my daughter to her piano lesson.  I ran out the door, only to come home and find the blocks blown around the room.  Since we are leaving tomorrow for a weekend trip to Crater Lake National Park, I decided to stack it all up and wait til next week to straighten out the problems.   See you in a few days!