Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime


Last week was a particularly good one for the mail.  It's been like a summer time birthday for me, a November baby!  Out of the blue came a package from Linda at Colorplay Fibers.  I met Linda last year at the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Camp on Orcas Island.  She has a beautiful blog and also has started hand dyeing sock yarn in luscious colors.  She sent the handmade bag, Sugar n' Cream and dishcloth pattern, as well as some tea and jelly beans (long gone!).  Thank you so much, Linda!


Then, this package came from Alicia at Lucy's Quilts.  I didn't figure out that it was the Four Seasons Summer Quilt Swap until it was opened.  What a sweet little quilt!  It's it funny that she put those yo yo flowers on hers like I did on mine.  Thank you so much, Alicia.  This one is even hand quilted and embroidered.  Lovely work!


I'm getting together the packages for the aforementioned Clare and Tricia.  However, it's your lucky day because today is my 3rd Blogiversary!  I would like to give away one more package of these quilt blocks.  I've been calling them blocks, but in reality they are quilt units.  They are all different sizes and are not squared up.  They do give you a head start on your own scrap quilt though.  I hope that everyone who receives them will send me a photo of the finished product that I can post here.  No rush on finishing though!


So, here's the new deal.  Post a comment here and tell me something about your summertime adventures (or winter, as the case may be).  I'll pick a random person to win a prize!  Comments close on Thursday, July 31 at midnight PDT.  Good luck!  These photos are from the rafting tour we took with my dad and sister through Big Eddy here in Bend.  These are class 3 rapids, and so much fun!