Faces in Fabric Part 6- Frog Lady

Frog Lady (15).JPG

Frog Lady is the last of this series of faces in fabric.  She came about because my friend Erin wanted to come over and make a face with me.  I went through each step with her until we got to the hair and she had to go.  It was a fun afternoon!

Frog Lady (1).JPG
Frog Lady (5).JPG

Erin is doing a self portrait for our Undercover Quilters group.  She loves bright colors and especially purple, so it was really cool that she found the perfect Australian print for her hair.

Frog Lady (7).JPG

I wanted to have some fun with the hair, so I pulled this African print from the stash and fussy cut the curls to do a wild hairdo.  I had also just finished with Maria's frog shirt and had some scraps lying around.  It seemed natural to add the little frogs to her cheeks, though I did just pin them on for a while to make sure I liked them.  

Frog Lady (8).JPG

Below you'll find a bunch of hair photos that all look a lot alike.  I spent quite a while tweaking the curls until I got them just so and could fuse them on.

Frog Lady (9).JPG
Frog Lady (10).JPG
Frog Lady (12).JPG
Frog Lady (13).JPG
Frog Lady (14).JPG

Finally it was time to quilt it.  I really have come to like the adventure of the quilting.  I no longer worry about whether I'm doing the "right thing" when it comes to the quilting lines.  I just do it and each one is a little different.  I have to say, though, I love the pink eyelashes on this one!