Patchwork Cat:: even more


I'm loving the way this is coming out.  One thing I've had a hard time with though is choosing a floss that contrasts with the fabric I want to put it on.  The heart doesn't show up as well as I would have liked, but perhaps it's a secret heart.


I will fill in around the irises as soon as I get a chance.


Just for posterity, here's the sewing room cleaned up for house showings.  I've not done anything in there in the two weeks since this was cleaned up.  I'm sort of afraid to go in and start something because I'll mess it up.  Next week, though, things will settle down and I should have some free time for sewing so I'll have to do something.  Tomorrow is Janet Bolton's class. This week has been so crazy I haven' t had a chance to get my supplies together.  Luckily, I think it's pretty easy.  More later...