Getting there!

Yesterday I made good progress on My Bootiful Booquet.  I have found that hand quilting with numb fingertips is different and a little uncomfortable, but it's possible.  I am hoping to finish the quilt tomorrow.

I also added a green stripe to the ripple blanket.  I just had to take a photo of this basket.  I have two of these now and just love them.  They are made by a basket maker in OR who comes to the craft faires in Sisters.  I have plans on buying an even bigger one the next time I see her!

I also finished one sleeve and got a little bit farther on the other sleeve of Rogue during the baseball game last night.  Last night's game was a little more nerve wracking than the others, but it was a nice finish and we enjoyed it.  Chloe and Ryan learned a lot about baseball over the past couple of weeks (actually, I did too!).  Yay for the Red Sox.