Nested Star-Crossed Strings

Nested Star-Crossed Strings
29" x 29"
machine pieced, machine quilted

Did you notice how I just snuck this quilt into the last blog post without any explanation?  I didn't mean to do that actually, and only realized after the fact that I forgot to give this one its own post.   Of course, this is the other quilt I made for the Black to White challenge.

This one is made with the very same technique as all the other Star-Crossed String quilts, but I decided to nest them by making only two sets of points for each star center.  I added an extra cross to the bottom right corner of the first block to fill in the space.  Then each time I based the star parts on the size of the previous star.  It was more complicated, but easy enough to figure out if you know that you just figure out sizes as you go along.  For me it would be impossible to tell you how to measure out things ahead of time.  That's pretty much like all the improv work I do.

I love the fabric on the back.  This is another one I bought because the print is really cool, but I had no idea how to use it. I like that the large scale print is preserved when used as a backing.

I put the quilt up on the design wall one day and had to place it on top of another quilt in progress.  I like the juxtaposition of black and white on color.  More on the colorful quilt will come soon.