Blogger's Quilt Festival


If you haven't seen the posts around blogland about the Blogger's Quilt Festival you can read about it here.  This is my favorite quilt because it was inspired by Gwen Marston.  It was my second time making liberated blocks (the squares).  One day I got out my copy of Liberated Quiltmaking and was tempted by her red and white wonky squares quilt. 

Once I made those I was thinking a lot about the whole "green" movement and sustainability and the earth.  The bird and the large circle came out of that.  The circles on the right side were created for balance.  I think I ran out of some fabric I had wanted to use in the border, so it came out smaller than expected.  For the quilting I just winged the whole thing, creating my own lines as whimsy took me and adding bits of embroidery too.   I call this quilt "Think Green".  It's on my living room wall almost year round.  Here's the original post on this one.  Now, head on over to the Blogger's Quilt Festival site and see all the other amazing quilts out there! 

PS- more NZ photos to come soon!