I hope all of you in the US had a wonderful Independence Day!  These photos were taken at last year's celebration when we were right underneath the fireworks, at the base of Pilot Butte.  This year was kind of strange with Chloe off in London.  It was a totally laid back day.  We did do a little bike ride to the ice cream shop in the afternoon, then went to a fireworks party at a house outside of town.  They have an amazing 360 degree view of the area with all the stars.  You could see the fireworks on the butte as well as all the amateurs setting them off all around town.  However, it wasn't the same as being right underneath.  On the plus side we were serenaded by the coyotes and had the most amazing star view.  


Quilt week starts tomorrow and I've already got some photos from the Fiber Arts Stroll yesterday to show here.  I forgot all about them until just now.  I'm on a mission to complete my guild challenge quilt and so that's how I'll be spending quilt week.  I tried to get into one Sue Spargo class at Quilter's Affair and was too late.  So no classes for me, however, I'll be at the 35th Birthday Gala on Tuesday and will be volunteering at the show on Saturday.  Look for my take on the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show starting on the 11th!

** Edited to add:  I just watched the trailer for the 35th anniversary DVD and it's pretty neat (you might have to scroll down a bit). You can see and hear Jean Wells Keenan, Valori Wells, Ann Richardson and you can hear Gwen Marston talking about a lemonade stand- too cute!  Go watch it!

***Edited again to add:  Erin just pointed out to me that I'm in the trailer!  I hadn't even seen that.  I'm the one in the first crowd scene with a hat and blue shirt kind of looking like I'm in a daze.  That was last year when I was helping out with a quilt survey.  We had to count 10 passersby and every 10th would get the survey.  It's really hard when there are so many people going every which way!