My Dad's Surprise

A couple of times over the past few days we've seen my parents for dinner and my Dad kept saying he didn't have my birthday present ready yet.  I couldn't imagine what he was making, but thought it might have something to do with a poem.  So, imagine my surprise when he brought over my present last night and it was something I'd told him he ought to learn to do a couple of years ago.

I've collected Santas for many years and have recently concentrated on hand carved wooden Santas.  I don't have a whole lot of them because they are harder to find every year.  A lot of them are now carved and then cast in resin- not my cup of tea.  I just love this Skiing Santa!  He's absolutely perfect and will look great with the rest of the collection.  I'll post a photo of them when they come out of the boxes.  This Santa is even more fitting because my Dad is in a Christmas play this year where his character plays the part of Santa. 

By the way, that little tree was made by Chloe.  She's got a red and white Christmas theme going this year.  The birthday card is from Mark and the candle is from my Mom.

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes, they really mean a lot to me.  And thanks for joining in the birthday contest.  We're having tons of fun reading about all your ideas!  If you haven't read it yet, check out the Nov. 26th post for a chance to win a little something from me!