Back to the crumbs

I've been working on the crumb quilts again recently.  I'm having fun putting the puzzle together and finding extra strips to make things match up. 

Meanwhile, last week I made good progress on this crumb quilt.  I like the red sashing and blue intersecting squares.  I think I'll add more red for a border.  This one is a bit more controlled than the one above.

It was another busy weekend.  We finally had Chloe's pool party for her birthday (Chloe decorated her cake so it would be just right) and last night was Mom's Night Out.  This time I got to learn something from some of the other talented moms.  We did beading and I repaired a bracelet and also made a pair of earrings and a bracelet to match.  It was a lot of fun and the food was excellent once again. 

I started a new sock yesterday.  I needed a totally plain vanilla one to carry around.  I've been working on my Jaywalkers, but even that simple pattern gets screwed up if I'm talking to people.  I've also been working on Rogue!  It's really coming along now.  I'm on the hood now, sleeves all done.  When the hood is done I will only need to sew the sleeves in.  I can't wait!