SOQS:: Wrapping it up


Back to some more traditional quilting.  The heart quilt above was made by my mom.  The hearts are needle turned.  


The day was waning, but I wanted to stick around for the raffles, so I meandered back to the main area behind the Stitchin' Post.  Here I got a very good look at the raffle bike.  This was something new this year, but apparently it's so popular there's a long waiting list for these babies if you want to buy one.  Take a look at the fabulous quilt patterns on it.


More meandering and I found these three quilts all made by the same maker.  I was in the quilt collection office when these came in and they have marvelous labels with the story of how they came to be made.  Each one has thousands of pieces.  I don't have the details, but it's like 10,000 pieces per quilt!


I had completely forgotten to look at the special exhibit by Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson!  So I headed over to take a look.


The quilt above was made by Ricky.  Love the colors and design.


The last two were made by Alex. I like the thin strips. She said she made these after teaching a class with Jean Wells.  I really love the colors in the quilt below.


Well, I didn't win the raffle quilt or the bike, but it was a fabulous day.  I hope you've enjoyed this trip around the show!