A first

Today Ryan got to push the lawnmower around for the very first time!  It's a gas powered mower so this is a big deal.  For those who don't know Ryan in person, he's fascinated with machines of all types.  He can't wait to drive (and the reality of that ever happening is still under consideration) and he'd love to try all the cool tractors and big constuction vehicles in the land.  So, to be able to operate the mower is huge.  He was so proud afterwards he couldn't wait to see the photo.  I also took a little mini-movie with the camera and I'm sure he'll want to watch it over and over.  You'll notice the head phones in the photo.  He's very sensitive to loud noises, so this is his way of coping.  Today he and Chloe helped Mark clean out the gutters.  They both did a  great job and were a big help to Mark because he threw his back out last week.