Imagine: Beginning the quilting

Imagine beginning the quilting

Imagine is basted and the quilting has begun.  However, since I did so much stitching ahead of time, I won't have to do too much stitching for quilting.  Of the stitches you see here the only ones that go all the way through are the stars.  The rest are surface stitching.

Imagine stitching on Earth

Here's a close up of the earth.  Those stitches are all on the surface, though I will add more for quilting.

Imagine back of flannel
And, for the curious, here's the way I put it together.  The top pieces were individually basted to the flannel as you see above.  Then I backed it with a piece of shot cotton and basted.  Quilting has begun today while watching the earthquake and tsunami news.  My heart goes out to all affected by the devastation.  It just boggles the mind.