Sisters Quilt Show- Block Contest


The quilt block contest is one of the fun aspects of the show.  Everyone who wants to enter pays for a small set of 5 fabrics that are to be used in the block.  The winning blocks are made into quilts which are then raffled off to the makers.  This is the quilt that was made from some of last year's blocks with my house in it.  You can see the five fabrics for this year's contest in the link above.  Here are a few of my favorites, starting off with my sister's.








This year it seems they are planning to use all the blocks in quilt tops, so I will hear in a month or two whether I've won the raffle.  I had a hard time with the fabrics this year.  I hope next year's are more inspirational for me!

And now, for the other block contest right here on KOQT, the winner is Joyce at J's Quilting Blog!  Congratulations!  Joyce lives in Canada and has been doing some really great free piecing including this autumn quilt with free pieced letters.  Thanks to everyone who commented and told me about your adventures, I really enjoyed reading them!


Well, there are more quilt show photos, so stay tuned for them.  My contests are over for a while, but you never know when I'll get the urge for another one.  This busy week hasn't let up yet.  On Friday we went to town for the pottery olympics and Chloe and I got to make bowls for this year's Empty Bowls fundraiser.  Yesterday was my dad's birthday so we took a hike along beautiful Fall River then went home for a great salmon dinner and Chloe's Carrot Cake.  Today we are heading to the Deschutes County Fair for a great day of fun!  I hope I get a relaxing week, next week.