Fond Farewell: AAQI for July

AAQI for July 2013 (2)

Although I'm staying in Sisters for the week, I snuck home for a while today to upload photos, do paperwork, wash some clothes, etc.  Just the other day I got the email with the registration info for my last two AAQI quilts.  These are called "Who, Me?" and "Shy Kitty".  

The end of AAQI is bittersweet.  I really loved making these little quilts every month, even when the timing was a stretch.  There were a few months when I chose to buy a quilt instead of make one, thus fulfilling my Quilt-A-Month agreement.  I am happy I was able to participate and somewhat relieved that the monthly obligation will end.  I will have more time to make items for the shop and for class samples, challenges, and outrageous fun!  

AAQI for July 2013 (1)

These two had to be special, so there are a couple of my liberated kitties, with hand embroidered faces and hand quilting.  **Edited to add:  I learned to do the cats in a class with Jude HIll.  She considers them her own design.**

AAQI for July 2013 (22)

These were so much fun to make.  I already have other kitties in progress and some other animals as well.  When fall rolls around I'll be ready to start creating more small works for the shop and I hope these animals are popular.  **Edited to add:  Due to the above note, I will not be making any more kitties for sale.**

AAQI for July 2013 (20)

Tomorrow is the Wish Upon a Card reception at the Sisters Chamber of Commerce from 3:30-6:00.  I will be there in the first part of the time frame so I can head over to Jean Wells' reception which is at the same time.  I don't know if I mentioned it here before, but I won third place in the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge.  I look forward to seeing my fellow winners including my good friend Marion who won first place and Martha who got an honorable mention.  Fun times!  Saturday is approaching fast and I may not be able to post before then.  Please come say hi if you are in town!  I'll be at Ponderosa Properties on Hood St. from about 9am-4pm.  

AAQI for July 2013 (21)