Project Improv Strikes Again

007 - Copy 

Second to last one of these batik PI quilts is done!  I like this one and had some fun with the free motion quilting.  It's going to stay with me for now, though in the future I may give it as a gift, or even try to sell it.  It would look great as a wall hanging.  I think my favorite block is this one with the little orange center.


I have one more set of these PI batik blocks, but that's for a Christmas present so I won't be able to show it here for a long time.  Meanwhile, I've been hand quilting and working to finish a few more quick quilts.  I hope to get my sewing room cleared of most of the WIP's this summer.

If you haven't been keeping an eye on Lazy Gal Tonya's blog, get over there and check out all the new posts with word quilts.  They are something else!  Some people are just so inventive with their free piecing!