Junior First Lego League

One of the moms in COOL group has organized a Junior First Lego League team and asked if Ryan wanted to participate.  He didn't really know what it meant to be in the league at first, so was hesitant.  We are taking it one day at a time and he's doing great.  He enjoys building with his friends and it helps that it's a small group.  We've had Legos at home, but Chloe never really got interested in them and Ryan found them a challenge when they would fall apart.  He's starting to appreciate them through this group and it's been great to see the designs he comes up with.

JFLL is designed as an opportunity for younger kids to use an open ended Lego set to solve the challenge of the year.  It's nice that this group, which ranges in age from 5 to 13 can work together this way.  This year the challenge is to build a model of an appliance that uses energy and the whole system of bringing that energy to the appliance.  The boys have decided to use a vacuum cleaner and have built a model of a hydro electric dam with power lines.  They intend to show how to allow fish to swim up the river.  There will be extra pieces built before the end of the season, but this is how it looked today.  The boys were building the turbines today.

There is room for teamwork as well as individual work and everyone's ideas are considered carefully.


Here's the serious side of the team.

And here are the goofballs!