Corners of My Studio :: 1


How about a little series this week: Corners of My Studio? This corner is where I store the majority of my fabric and do my ironing.  I have quilts on top of the armoire because I have nowhere else to put them, but they look nice up there.  I have a goal to have mini quilts on all the availiable wall space, which is quite a bit.  

Of the ones you see here, the first one on the left is my quilt, Bohemian Blue, then a swap quilt from Alicia Wells for the Four Season Quilt Swap from 2008, next is Mr. Owl from another 2008 quilt swap made by Calamity Kim, The little one is Tuesday and Saturday from Andrea Bolosky (an AAQI treasure), then my quilt called Think Green, finally is a quilt I bought at a Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show fundraiser and made by local quilter Joanne Meyers.  

Stitching Hands Studio Jan 2012 (17)
More to come!