Quilt Week- Post #6

The teacher's tent at the show had an amazing variety of styles and the quilts were gorgeous, of course. 

The first two quilts are by Sue Nickels.  The machine applique and quilting are absolutely amazing!  This first one is inspired by the Beatles.

These next two are from Sue Spargo, who has a very distinct style.  I like her motifs and have a couple of books that I use as inspiration.  She uses combinations of felted wool and cotton fabrics so the surface of her quilts is very different than a traditional cotton quilt.  She also has nice embellishing techniques which make the surface more interesting.  I wasn't able to take a class with her because they were full when I checked, but it was great to see the quilts in person none-the-less.

I realized that I don't have a full view of this next quilt, but I guess I was just amazed by that binding detail!  Can you imagine doing that??

The last few quilts are by Jean Wells Keenan, who is the owner of the Stitchin' Post and a fabulous teacher.  These quilts were hung in the Sisters Library so the lighting isn't as good.  She is doing some really wonderful abstract quilts now and I love her color themes.