Wish Upon a Card 2011

Houses Fabric Postcard for SOQS

Last week I made a few more fabric postcards for Wish Upon a Card 2011.  This is a fundraiser for Wendy's Wish, an organization in Central Oregon that provides services to people with cancer.  I really love doing these every year.  I love being able to try a new technique in a small format.  These 4 that I made this week are all made with my hand dyed fabric.  The reason I'm using it here is that I made a mistake in ordering some Pimatex for my base fabric.  It turns out it is very densely woven, like many batiks, and is just awful for hand sewing.  It works great for fusible though.  I've been playing around with this fabric all week and still have a bunch left. 

Tulips Fabric Postcard for SOQS

Liberated Postcards for SOQS

These two liberated pieces were fun to do after seeing Jean Wells give a lecture at the Sisters quilt guild last week.  I did some of her gentle curves and tiny pieces.

Mini Quilts (Postcards) for SOQS

I've shown these last two photos before.  The two postcards above are done with Jude Hill's slow cloth methods and have batting in the middle so they are definitely quilty rather than stiff like a postcard.  I finished those two off and brought them to the shop a few weeks ago without getting a finished photo- darn, I hate when I do that!  I added the binding to the one on the left and more snowflakes and finished the binding on the one on the right.

Hi! Postcard for SOQS
Soon after I brought in the Hi! postcard, the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show sent out an email advertising some of the special events.  They used my postcard as an example.  That was a surprise!  Look for these this summer if you'll be at the show.  Next time I'll show you what else I've been doing with those hand dyed fabrics.