Gingerbread Fun


My sister and her husband are here for Christmas.  They are staying with my parents, but we'll be doing a lot of activities with them throughout the week.  Today we all headed to the Sunriver Resort's Gingerbread Junction to see the amazing houses.  The one above was on a swivel, so when it was turned you could see the amazing artistry on the inside.


This is all created with fondant!


The next one is the story of the three pigs and if you look closely at the tree on the right you can see the big, bad wolf trying to sneak his way in!



I love this tree house below.


If you are a fan of the movie, "A Christmas Story", you'll love this next house.  All the details are there!


The boy with his tongue stuck to the pole, the little brother in the huge snow suit.



There's Ralphie fighting the robbers and the pink bunny suit.  The green stuff is a bit of the siding falling off.  That's what you get when you wait too long to see the display.
And the piece de resistance- the leg lamp.  That was a fun little outing and afterwards we had a nice dinner at our house.  We've got more plans for the week, including a little snow play, some shop hopping and the usual Christmas Eve, Christmas Day activities.  More to come later!