Been a wee bit busy

Those of you awaiting prizes from me should look away right now.  Check out this gorgeous yarn, or these beautiful fabrics or these fantastic patterns, but look away and don't come back til the next installment unless you don't like surprises!   Okay, if you must look, here's what's coming, but don't scroll any further.

These little goodies were mailed tonight at the automatic postal center.  They were tons of fun to put together!  I hope they all make it to their intended recipients in due time.

That's not all folks.  I also finished the Holiday Traditions package and got it sent out tonight too.

This is the week that Cathi is visiting from Ireland.  We had a nice afternoon shopping in Sisters on Sunday (mainly at the Stitchin' Post).  On Monday I took her and another friend to my quilt guild's Christmas party and we had a great time.  I forgot to get a photo of the bingo squares I made for the party, but they are a fabulous idea for a quilt guild.  All the bingo blocks were collected and will be made into community quilts.  Here's something similar I found on the web if you're interested.  Tomorrow we are heading to our favorite Bend knitting shop:  Gossamer.  She'll also come over here to see my quilts!  Should be fun.

In case you're wondering about those stockings above, they are made from a pattern I designed.  Here's a before shot (book shown only for size comparison). 

And here it is after felting.  This is Paton's SWS yarn which felts pretty nicely.  The ones above are made from lots of different yarns: Kureyon, Diaketo, Lamb's Pride.  I've also used Silk Garden and Nashua Wooly Stripes.

Cathi was one of the prize winners and here's the one I made for her.  I added a couple of mini stockings for her two daughters.  I have one more of these to make for my local friend, Sarah, then I'll be done with the Pay it Forward challenge.

Here's another treat- this is my birthday gift from my sister.  These are glass buttons (Gluttons) that she made.  I told you before she is an amazing glass artist.  These are so cool!  Now, to find the perfect project for them.  I also love the chickadee card.  I just giggled when I saw that.

Well, I think that brings me up to date.  There are still some secret projects that I can't show.  I do have a few other things in the works that I hope to finish soon.  I hope you are enjoying the small wonders of the season!