Good Vibrations

2019 Good Vibrations, 44” x 46”

2019 Good Vibrations, 44” x 46”

The past month has been quite busy in the quilt department as I worked hard to complete several quilts for shows. The first one I want to share is called Good Vibrations and was made to submit to the Modern Quilt Guild Showcase at International Quilt Festival in Houston this fall.

2019 Good Vibrations   (2).JPG

This piece started out as the center section which was made with leftovers from Rhythm of the Rails two years ago. I put together the leftovers in a medallion style and then it hung on the design wall for two years. Sometimes things just need to marinate I guess! Anyway, I realized the submission date was only a week out and wondered if I could make something in that time frame. Starting with partial top, even though it was only about 18’ square, was a little kick in the pants to get me going.

2019 Good Vibrations   (3).JPG

I gathered likely fabrics and started cutting strips to no particular size, then started sewing them together. Then I cut and sewed, and cut and sewed, ad infinitum.

2019 Good Vibrations   (4).JPG

Usually when I make a quilt I have plenty of time to consider possible names, but this one was going so quickly I had a hard time deciding on something. I do always feel like this type of improv makes me feel like it’s a musical rhythm. It’s also a bit jazzy as there are unexpected notes every now and then. I was posting about it on Instagram when I got a comment that the quilt was “vibratory” and that’s what clicked and made me think of Good Vibrations. I think it’s the perfect name because it really is all about the joy of creation.

2019 Good Vibrations   (5).JPG

Improvisation is all about saying yes to the possibilities and this quilt represents the pure joy in that. Enjoy!

2019 Good Vibrations   (6).JPG
2019 Good Vibrations   (7).JPG
2019 Good Vibrations   (8).JPG
2019 Good Vibrations   (9).JPG

Road to California Quilt Show

Rhythm of the Rails ribbon 2.jpg

It’s always a thrill when a quilt comes back from a show with a ribbon. This time I did know about it ahead of time because a friend sent me a picture from the show, but otherwise it would have been a complete surprise. Rhythm of the Rails has had quite a time at the shows since last year. It’s been to QuiltCon Pasadena, AQS Fall Paducah, Pacific International Quilt Festival and now Road to California. It’s won a Judge’s Choice and an Honorable Mention. I may send it on to one or two other shows because there’s still time, but for now I’m very pleased! This is the first time I’ve entered R2CA and I have never been to the show, but I hear it’s a really nice one. I have had to cut down on my quilting travel a bit so I won’t be at QuiltCon in Nashville either, but I do have a quilt heading there: 70s Child. We’ll see how it does. In the meantime this quilt has pride of place right by the front door and I even hung the ribbon with it, just for a little while.

Rhythm of the Rails ribbon.jpg
Rhythm of the Rails ribbon 3.jpg

Happy Quilt News Tonight



Just popping in for a quick post to let you know I've had some happy news tonight.  Tranquility has won an Honorable Mention in the Modern quilts category at AQS Grand Rapids.  I won't be able to attend the show, but it starts tomorrow if you are in the area.

In other news, Wild Abandon has ended its show days and will be heading to its new home tomorrow.  I have added new items to the shop in recent days.  Check out quilts, textile art and original paintings here:  KristinShieldsArt.  For handmade art journals look here:  KMSHandmade.

Wild Abandon

Wild Abandon

The Creativity Project

Have you heard of The Creativity Project by Kim Soper of Leland Ave Studios?  Kim is doing a year long series of weekly conversations with quilters.  There are so many wonderful quilters in this series and we are only half way through the year.  Last month I was honored to be asked to be included and thrilled to be in such great company!  My interview published today and I hope you'll check it out.