Fun and Funky Vest #1


I took this class in December and it was so much fun!  It was taught by the owner of QuiltWorks, Marilyn, who was also our guild president last year.  She's made a whole bunch of them in all sorts of fabrics and they are all so much fun.  It's all done with raw edges that are pinked to minimize the mess.  It's free motion quilted and washed at the end to bring out the texture.  


There is flannel on the inside to act as a thin batting. 


There are no traditional seams at all and you can just use any vest pattern that has three pieces.  The shoulder and side seams are overlapped and more patches are sewn over to cover.  It could be reversible if you want to take the time to add more patches to the inside seams.


I really love it and as you might imagine #2 is in the works.  If you are wondering about the brooch, I didn't make it.  Marilyn gave them to the board members as a little thank you at our December meeting.  I was wearing the vest for show and tell that day and it was great that my brooch matched the vest perfectly!


While I was making  this I had all sorts of ideas for what to do with this idea.  Vest #2 is in more holiday colors and I had intended to have it done for Christmas.  I didn't manage that, but I also have an idea to make one in indigo fabrics with some ragged boro style patches.  It could be really cool!