Organization is a Good Thing


I'm not sure if I've ever showed my fabric and yarn storage, so thought I'd let you have a peek today.  This armoire holds almost all of my fabrics, and it's now all straightened and presentable.  I love to use the baskets to store like colors or themes.  I have baskets with Halloween, Christmas, patriotic, solids, Kaffe Fassett and all colors of the rainbow.  There's a stash of wool at the top.  The baskets mostly hold 1/2 yard cuts or smaller while the larger cuts are stacked up on the shelf.  Sometimes I like to hold a collection together as with the Folklorica fabrics.  

The two drawers below have notions and patterns and the bottom drawer has some nice wool craft felt that Chloe uses, batting, free motion samples, etc.  When I go to a class I like to create a basket with my chosen fabrics to bring.  It makes it easy to see what I have and looks nice.  I only wish I could find the perfect sized baskets so that there was no wasted space.  This armoire is in our bedroom which is not my sewing room, but it's close enough to make it workable.


The yarn storage is more spread out and this is only part of it.  These are hanging in my large walk in closet.  I like to organize by weight and brand.  Compatible yarns are stored together for the most part.  The bottom right section holds my hand dyed and/or hand spun yarns.  As you might imagine there is also a big stash of fiber for spinning, but I'm not showing that.  I'm also not showing the 5 tier basket holder that has knitting works in progress, or the bin that I had to get for the yarn spillover.  That's one reason why I didn't buy any yarn on the yarn shop hop I took to Portland last Saturday with my knitting group.  They all thought I showed much restraint, but when you've just organized your stash it's really easy to see how much you already have.  


If you've made it this far, I'm happy to reward you with a little giveaway.  I've got too many scraps to live with.  I love to make scrap quilts, but at some point they take over my life and I can get nothing else done.  So, I'd like to see if any of you are interested in scrap bags.  I am offering these scraps for the cost of shipping, PayPal only please because that's the only way this will be easy enough for me to do.  The last item has a small cost because it's got some yardage.

If you are interested in any of these (or portions of the first three) let me know in the comments.  I will email you with my Pay Pal information so please make sure your email is available.  First come, first served.  I will be at my retreat for a few days, so I will make the arrangements and do the shipping next week.  When you  comment please let me know what you're interested in and your shipping preference.  I would recommend the flat rate boxes which I can fill to capacity.  The small is $5 and the medium is $10.  That's for domestic shipping.  I'm not sure I'd want to go through the trouble of international shipping, but if you are in this category let me know and I'll decide based on how much interest there is.  If your item doesn't fill the box I will look through my stash or the scrap boxes for something interesting to fill the box.  All my fabrics are 100% cotton highest quality quilting fabrics from real quilt shops.  


So, here's what I've got.  This blue bin is filled with all sorts of stuff, all sizes and shapes.  There's a lot in there.  I could probably make several flat rate boxes with that.


These Christmas scraps are heavy on the green, but again- all shapes and sizes.


The one above has very small pieces.  Almost all triangles.  I had intended to do tiny paper pieced circles with them, but they would also be great for small free pieced shoo fly or star blocks.  


This last one is an unloved project looking for a new home.  There is a full 1 yd piece of the green and about 1/3 yd piece of the red, plus 3 pieced blocks like you can see on the right and some cut pieces like on the left.  The red and green fabrics have the name of dog breeds on them.  The print is kind of a Christmasy/party dog print.  Very cute!  I'll sell this for $5 plus shipping.  

If there is a lot of interest I'll just start at the top of the list and go down until everything is gone.  Thanks for helping me out and Happy Quilting!