Eggs & Tulips


Eggs & Tulips are Easter around here.  I love the dyed eggs that the kids made.  I almost forgot about dyed eggs, but remembered just in time and it was done lickety-split.  I remember the days when egg dyeing seemed like an all day affair, not so anymore.


Tulips were absolutely necessary to keep me from focusing on the extraordinarily un-spring-like conditions outside.


I love my Easter table runner (notice- more eggs, more tulips, oh, and chocolate, lots of chocolate!).


This bowl isn't so festive anymore, it's been rather depleted!


The afternoon was spent in spinning bliss.  I haven't spun in 6 months, but I'm glad to report it was like riding a bike.  Today we had a spinning demo for our homeschool group. It went great and they had yarn to take home.  It's another busy week, but I hope to do a quilting and applique update soon.