Random Sample

Lots of stuff happening here.  Chloe read about Dungeons and Dragons here and decided to make a game of her own.  She researched D & D online and at the library and decided she could make her own rules, board and use all the household critters for the figures.  It was so cool to listen to Chloe and Ryan play the game.  Ryan, who normally doesn't like game playing found this one really cool because of the role-playing involved.  He could make his dinosaurs battle and it was part of the game!

One day last week Ryan got the idea to make foil replicas of his cars.  He spent quite a while forming them, then raced them and had a great time.

Chloe got the idea to make pretzels a few days ago, so we made these and brought them to our COOL group.  Yum!

At the COOL meeting we did a little Destination Imagination fun.  The kids split into two groups and had the task of creating the tallest tower they could with two drinking straws, a handful of marshmallows (can't remember the exact number) and 20 toothpicks.

Yesterday, the Campfire club met at a local ice skating rink.  My kids don't have much experience with skating, so they clung to the rail at first.  It took Chloe a while to feel comfortable, but she really enjoyed it.  Ryan stayed on the rail the whole time, until one of the moms took him out for a ride.  He had a good time and lasted much longer than the last time we tried it!  I hope we can get out to try this again this winter.

Chloe and I just hosted an Artful Container trade on Imagination Tribe.  It was fun to see what we got.  There was quite a variety in media, from pottery to papier mache, to weaving, to papercraft.  Here are our entries (Chloe's first).