Sparkling San Francisco

Mark and I had a marvelous time in San Francisco last weekend.  It was cold, but so clear and sparkling that we just had to spend a lot of time outdoors.  Friday afternoon started off with a flight right over the Cascades that afforded us incredible views of our local mountains.  This is the Three Sisters- Faith, Hope and Charity.

We got to San Francisco with time for a late lunch, then spent a bit of time walking around Union Square to see some of the galleries.  We took some time out for a cup of tea before dinner.

The next morning was clear and bright and so inviting for a walk around the city.  We didn't eat here, but I'd like to see those "little pancakes"! 

We ended up walking through Chinatown to Coit Tower.  Up and down a lot of hills!  We even walked up this sidewalk made of stairs.

The cable cars rode past us all over the place, but we didn't ride them at all this weekend.  We've had many previous trips here with the kids and have taken many a cable car ride.  We decided to take advantage of being kidless and do what they don't enjoy- hiking up lots of hills.

One of the fun aspects of walking a city is seeing all the little nooks and crannies.  I just loved these painted stairs.

The view from Coit Tower was spectacular.  This is looking north and that's Alcatraz Island out there in the bay.

After the tower we walked several blocks over to the crooked part of Lombard Street.  I'd driven this many times, but never walked up it.  Along the way the pale blue of this house caught my eye.

What a great trip!  We spent the afternoon looking in galleries again and have found an artist that I love.  Mark likes her work too.  Her name is Varya and you can see her work here.  We had two marvelous dinners.  One was at The Slanted Door- fabulous food! The other was Plumpjack's Cafe, which was very interesting.  Some very strange dinners on the menu and they seemed to have an obsession with foam- cucumber foam, horseradish foam (I'm not kidding!).  Anyway my squash soup and gnocchi were delicious and the company (old friends) was fabulous. Here's the sunset from our hotel room- ahhhh!